The five steps to a beautiful interior

1. Set-up

  • Rooms and areas are scheduled with the customer

  • Large furniture is moved into the center of the room

  • Wall and ceiling fixture are removed/covered

  • Furnitures and floors are covered with protective dust sheets

  • Walls and woodwork sanded

  • Holes and cracks in walls are filled

  • Shrinkage cracks in skirting and architrave are caulked

  • Washing down is done where required

  • Stains such as watermarks are sealed

  • Repaired areas are primed

  • Paint is applied with a brush or roller depending on surface

  • Ceiling and walls are painted to proper coverage and finish colour

  • Clean cut lines between trim and walls

  • Application of wall cover where required

  • Only premium quality professional paints are used
4.Clean Up
  • Furniture is moved back to original position

  • Wall and ceiling fixture are replaced

  • Floor and carpets are thoroughly vaccumed and swept

  • All rubbish is removed

  • When all work is complete, a "walk around" is done to ensure all contracted areas are painted properly

  • Final touch ups are noted and are completed before we leave

  • A final inspection "walk around" is done with the customer

  • Touch up paint is labelled and left with the customer

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